We are very proud to release the Aarhus Sustainability Model! 

We live in a world where the future is, as it always has been, uncertain. Complexity calls for new answers and this is where art and culture can deliver a blow to our conscience, encourage reflection over humanity’s relationship with nature, and provide inspiration for how we can live more sustainably. An art project that cleans the air in a park over Beijing can provoke a civil reaction demanding clean air and initiate political action. A plant wall can lead to a green movement within the city. 

Art and culture give us new eyes to see new opportunities.

The model comes in a limited printed edition (600 pieces printed on C2C certified colours and Munken paper) in Danish and as PDF in both Danish and English at this point. 

Our next step is to to kick start the cooperation with ten great cultural institutions in the Aarhus-region. 

We will reveal the names in february. 

Please enjoy this first instalment of the Aarhus Sustainability Model and feel free to share it with the world and follow the development on this site. 

On behalf of Aarhus 2017, Worldperfect and Samsø Energiakademi

Martin Thim & Rasmus H. Jensen