At last a new prelaunch

ASM version 2.0 has arrived. Now it is possible to follow the work in getting it ready in a final version, but we have now uploaded a great part of the work and model version 2.0.
In this version we still describe a way of thinking and a way of using sustainability as a tool of innovation, but in this version we try to broaden the scope to a more european context. We try to show cases from the next Culture capital, Leeuwarden in 2018 and Matera in 2019, as inspiration and at the same time show our work with projects in our region of Aarhus 2017.
The work is not finished yet, but we are working hard to get more inspiring cases for all you people working with cultural projects.
At the same time we try to widen the scope of working with sustainability to a more cultural sustainable transition, by adapting the Sustainable Development Goals as a tool of describing the work done by the projects. This is so that it is possible to translate from one culture to another, and from one project to another, and from one human being to another.
We hope you enjoy.
On behalf of the whole team behind.